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A Customer Testimonial

Thinking about dyeing your hair a fantasy color but not sure what it will involve? About a year ago Ransome at WiP downtown helped me go from a pretty standard dark red to a grape purple/fuschia, and I’m so happy with the experience and results! Sometimes a dramatic change in hair color can be intimidating, especially for those of us who aren’t great with beauty, so it’s important to have a stylist you can trust.

My natural color is a very dirty blonde, but everything except my roots had been dyed consistently red for years, so the first time I decided to go fuschia we had to bleach everything first, which can be a scary prospect! But Ransome is a professional and made sure I knew every step we were taking. First she put the bleach mixture on my hair, and we let it set until she could tell it was lightened enough. Then she washed the bleach out and conditioned my hair, followed by one of her signature scalp massages. If you’ve never had Ransome or one of the other stylists at WiP wash your hair, you are missing out! They make it an extremely relaxing experience, there is even a separate room for it with aromatherapy and soothing music.  Next she dried my hair enough to put on my color, and I have a lot of extremely thick, long hair, so she called another stylist over to help, always being considerate of how much time I spend in her chair. She helped me decide on a grape purple for my roots and a pinkier fuschia down the rest of my hair, creating sort of an ombre effect. It’s really important to have a stylist you can trust with color decisions, because what you’ve seen online may not look the same on you, or something else might complement your style better, and they can give you honest advice before you commit to something. Also, when you have to bleach and then dye your hair the process can be pretty time consuming and there’s a lot of sitting and waiting, but at WiP the stylists always make sure you are comfortable and offer drinks and snacks if you need anything. They’ve even helped me put money in the meter for my car before!

After the color was set we went back to wash it out. Seeing it for the first time in the mirror is pretty exciting! I always have Ransome do a blow-out on my hair after it’s been cut and washed, because she does AMAZING blow-outs. I can usually go an entire week with minimal touch-ups when I have her do it, she really is a wizard with a blowdryer. If you’re not sure what a blow-out is, it’s when a stylist blow drys your hair with a round brush piece by piece, curling it as they go. It’s kind of like a heat set and it can last a long time if you don’t wash your hair.

They use TIGI color at WiP, which I feel fades really nicely as it washes out in the following months. I get a lot of compliments even when my hair fades to a more pastel, ice cream color. They also carry Overtone, which is probably the best color conditioner on the market right now, in a wide variety of colors. It’s really easy to use, fairly inexpensive, and deposits small amounts of color back into your hair between salon visits without damaging it.

I can’t recommend WiP downtown enough if you are considering a change to fantasy color. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and talented, and will make sure you love how you leave the salon. You can even make an appointment online, so what are you waiting for?!