Since 2002, the award-winning team at WiP Downtown has had the privilege of creating the ultimate destination for complete beauty in a relaxed, urban atmosphere. We know that making you look your best is essential –making you feel great in the process is our ultimate goal. Whether you plan to keep your look traditional, try out the latest trends, or find a unique style that truly sets you apart from the mainstream, rest assured that you are in good hands with us.

As the proud owner of WiP Downtown, it is my personal mission and distinct pleasure to ensure that each and every client has an incredible, VIP experience with us. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time.

On behalf of the entire WiP Downtown team, welcome and thank you for trusting your image to our expertise.

Have a beautiful day!

Ransome Brown

Owner, WiP Downtown

The WiP Downtown Mission:

Our goal is simple: Give you an amazing style and provide you with everything you need to maintain it at home. We want to help you look and feel your very best from the day of your appointment to the day you return for your next service.

Before your appointment:

As you prepare for your appointment, think about your goals for your look, assess how much time and effort you will realistically put into maintenance, and the budget you have to work with. Collect a few photos that show the look you would like to replicate and think about which elements you like and which you would want to alter. What do you like about the look – the cut, color, length, texture, styling? Have you had something similar in the past? If your goals include something unique you haven’t seen elsewhere, make a drawing, bring a color swatch or make some notes to share with your stylist. We love setting new trends, just expect our consultation to last a little longer so we can be sure we thoroughly understand your vision before we get started.

When You Arrive:

Your VIP treatment begins as soon as you walk through our door. Although you will be greeted as you enter, your stylist may be engaged with another client. Because we are dedicated to providing 100% focus on each client, she may not be the one to greet you first. Be assured that the same dedicated focus will be extended to you as quickly as possible. As you wait, help yourself to complimentary coffee and make yourself at home. The restroom is located across the hall from the salon.

The Consultation:

At WiP, we believe that the most important skill a great stylist has is listening. Before we do anything else, we will sit down with Aboutto you talk about your look, ask about your goals, preferences, lifestyle and expectations. The more we know about you, the better partner we can be as we plan your new look together. As significant changes in our lives occur (job changes, marriage, losing a loved one, becoming a parent, divorce, etc.) many people seek a physical transformation to match. Sometimes the end result takes more adjustment than expected, leaving them feeling disappointed or regretful. If your goals or expectations represent a significant change, we may make recommendations that will help you transition more gradually to accomplish your vision over a few visits. These recommendations are not meant to dissuade you from making the change, but to consider your long-term satisfaction with your new look. Before we begin any service, your stylist will confirm the plan with you and describe the process in detail. Let your stylist know if you aren’t comfortable with the plan or have specific requests regarding the process.

The Reveal:

The Reveal is our favorite part of the experience – we hope you are thrilled with your new look. As you take a moment to enjoy the results, we encourage you to provide open and honest feedback on what you see and feel. Instead of waiting until you get home to consider the results, talk through your reaction with your stylist. Often, quick and simple adjustments during the reveal can make a big impact. And don’t worry about hurting our feelings, we want to be sure you’re feeling confident and proud of your new look. After all, your amazing new style is our most effective advertising!

Our Customer Service Commitment:

At WiP, our stylists are committed to putting you first. When you are in our chair, our focus is to provide you with a VIP experience. While other salons may encourage double-booking and foster a competitive stylist environment, WiP stylists work as a team. If your vision includes a technique in which another stylist specializes, we may recommend that they partner together to get you the best result. In addition to our collaborative team environment, we make it our mission to partner with you through education. It’s not enough for us to make you look great the day of your appointment, we want you to look great every day after that, so as we create the look you envision, we will walk you through the styling process and teach you to recreate it at home. Want to learn more styling options? Just ask. We love getting creative and giving you tips and tricks to changing up your look to match every event and mood.

Our Cancellation/”No-Show” Policy – Please Read Carefully

Did you know that each appointment you have scheduled at WiP Downtown is a special time set aside specifically for you? We value your loyalty and trust, so when you book an appointment with us, we book a customized amount of time for you and your services. We want to ensure that we have the time we need to safely and properly take care of your hair’s needs.

However, due to a high number of last minute cancellations, WiP Downtown will be strictly enforcing a “cancellation/no show” policy moving forward. This policy will be in place to help both the salon and you, our client, to ensure no service is rushed or restricted. When a service is cancelled at the last minute, it creates a financial burden for our stylists and can make it difficult for you to reschedule to a convenient time.

We require a 48 hour notice for cancellation/rescheduling of appointments.

Failure to notify WiP within the timeframe above, no matter the reason, will result in a charge of 50% of the service fee.

(Ex. You’re booked for a haircut that costs $65 and cancel the day before your appointment, your fee would be $32.50) If you need to reach us during non-business hours to cancel you can do by leaving a voicemail or emailing downtownwip@gmail.com


Thank you for being a patron of WiP Downtown! We appreciate your continued confidence in our abilities!