How to find a wedding day hairdresser

So, if your man has popped the question(or you have)…first of all congratulations!…second, get to work on the planning!  Hopefully, an important item on your todo list is to figure out who is doing your hair,  how they are going to do it, and where they are going to do it.

1.  Where are you going to have it done?  By this I mean, do you plan to have your hairdresser(s) come to the venue that you are having your wedding..i.e. leaving their salon.  At our salon, we do travel to the bride on occasion.  In a perfect world, we prefer to have the bride and her wedding party come to our salon in downtown Indianapolis.  There are a few reasons that we prefer the brides at our salon.  We are able to access all of our necessary tools and styling products very easily….in other words, we don’t have to take the time to pack and unpack everything.  There is also the opportunity cost for the hairdresser when it comes to traveling.  If we take three hairdressers, that means at least three hours that we mark off of our appointment book for their travel.  A typical hairdresser at our salon, can generate $50 to $90 per hour.  And, Saturdays are generally a very busy day.  So, if you do the math, we have a minimum of $90 per hairdresser travel charge.  Which is fine, but if you are looking to save here and there.  A great way to do that is having your wedding party’s hair done at the salon.  We recommend to all of our bridal parties to bring food and drink.  It’s a great time!

2. Who is doing your hair?  Are you going to ask your current hairdresser to do it?  Ask them, see if they are comfortable doing your hair on one of the biggest days of your life.  Some hairdressers aren’t up for it, and will gladly tell you.  They might recommend someone else within their salon.  Or, maybe even someone they have heard of outside of their salon.  But, you should ask your hairdresser.  Depending on how long you have been going to them, they will probably figure out you need your hair done for your wedding.  Hairdressers are intuitive like that.  If you find you are looking for a salon/hairdresser to do your hair, go to google (duh!) and type in what you are looking for.  Do some research, ask them for examples of their work (if they don’t have them on their website).  Don’t let the fact that they don’t have photos on their website with their work discourage you.  Hairdressers are busy people, and don’t always have time to keep their websites updated with photos.  There are a lot of very talented hairdressers who do amazing work, and have never posted any of their work to the internet.(Crazy…right?!)  On the other hand, there are others who post a lot of their work to their website, social media pages…etc.

3.How are they doing your hair?  What is your inspiration?  Again, go to google (duh!), and find some photos that inspire you for your wedding day’s hair.  Also, find some photos for your bridesmaids.  We once had a young lady plan her wedding, and came up with what I thought was a great idea.  She had picked out 2 different hairstyles for her bridesmaids to choose from the morning of her wedding.  She gave them to us a few weeks before her wedding day, so we were able to practice and perfect each look.  When the day came, we had everyone looking exactly how the bride had pictured.  Obviously the bridesmaids hair isn’t the priority, the brides hair is.  So, spend some time looking for inspiration, and communicate to your wedding day hairdresser to see what input they offer.  Don’t worry, you will find someone that will make you look incredible.

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